XDA Orbit 2 now available for personal customers too

XDA Orbit 2 now available for personal customers too The o2 XDA Orbit 2 has now shifted over to the “Personal” section of the o2 website. It appeared last week in the business section but now it’s available for all.

Available from absolutely nothing up to £249.99, this is the o2 flavour of the excellent HTC Touch Cruise we reviewed some time back. The o2 XDA Orbit 2 packs in-built GPS, a 3 megapixel camera, HTC TouchFLO technology, a 400Mhz CPU, quad-band 3G, HSDPA and WiFi connectivity – plus there’s the speedy navigation wheel for zipping around menus. o2 are even chucking in Co-Pilot Live 7, so make sure you bag one with the software included.

Let us know if you’ve got one, I’d be interested to know if there’s a car phone holder with the software too.

Update – Member “Cydex” has emailed in to say that the XDA Orbit 2 includes an extra stylus, car holder kit and a screen protection film. Even better, the GPS software is on a 1Gb microSD card, leaving 500Mb spare. Nice!

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