Orange locks the door, throws away the key?

Orange locks the door, throws away the key? We’ve had several posts in our forum pointing out a change in the Orange Terms and Conditions.

Apparently a tweak has been made yesterday which stops you from paying to upgrade months in advance. Now you can only upgrade 3 months to the end of your contract, and when you upgrade it adds onto your remaining months. This means that, if you upgrade 3 months earlier than your contract end, you could end up in a whacking 21 month contract !

We’ve checked out the Terms and Conditions and the updates section but as yet there’s no mention, however we’ve started getting emails stating the same thing. If this is true it’s yet another bizarre move by Orange, who have already pushed away many customers with a incredibly low data cap. It seems that Orange are doing their best to keep hold of their existing customer base, and will strap them in for as long as possible with no way to get out.

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Link – Coolsmartphone forum

Credit – MobileTechSales