SkyFire goes where other browsers cannot reach

SkyFire goes where other browsers cannot reach Although currently only available in a US-based private beta test, new web browser “Skyfire” promises to deliver a desktop browsing experience to your Windows Mobile phone.

Yes, yes, I know – you’ve heard it all before, and you may well be right. There’s no demo video and we’ve not seen it in action, however some journalists have been lucky enough to see a demo by Skyfire CEO Nitin Bhandari. states…

“In the live demo, I saw a Skyfire-rendered version of ESPN. I compared it to the version rendered on my Mac, and it was identical. Skyfire even played the embedded flash video fairly well. I tried the same site on my Nokia N95 and it ran out of memory trying to render the site.”

The software works a little like Opera, which we compared with IE last month, by using proxy servers to prepare data for the user. This means that graphics, animation and even Flash video like YouTube can finally be delivered correctly.

Until we see more though, we’ll have to sit on the fence, but if it does as promised it should be extremely successful.

Link – Skyfire.comPress Release