Get extra functionality from your HTC Touch Dual

Get extra functionality from your HTC Touch Dual With the HTC Touch Dual available on Orange and shortly T-Mobile I thought it was worth mentioning a few cool features that are hidden away in the phone.

In “Settings->Personal->Phone” there’s a tab called “Advanced” that can do some pretty cool stuff. For a start you can select for the phone to answer the call when you slide the keypad open, or, if you choose the slighly misleading “Reject call with text message”, it will give you the option of pressing a softkey to drop an incoming call and send a predefined SMS. Handy if you want to drop a call quickly but inform the caller why you’ve ditched them!

Here’s my settings – I’ve also ticked the “Add new phone number to Contacts at end of call” option, this is very handy. Give it a try if you’ve not played with this before.

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