Suspected Qualcomm video issue on show (Update)

Suspected Qualcomm video issue on show (Update) We ran a story yesterday relating to possible issues with drivers on HTC devices using the Qualcomm chipset. The problems relate mainly to video speed, and not processing power, however I wanted to give it a try myself to double-check the rumours. I’m currently reviewing the Asus P526, which is powered by an TI OMAP850 running at 200 MHz, so I plonked it next to my spanky-new HTC Touch Dual, powered by the Qualcomm MSM7200 CPU running at 400Mhz. In the video you’d assume that the Qualcomm would win this head-to-head, but the results were quite shocking.

The Asus P526 provided smooth and quick scrolling when looking at our mobile site even at 200Mhz, but the Touch Dual seemed to judder slightly. I’ve only done a quick video so far, and I’ll be testing this more later, however the clip below should give you a good idea of what the guys at are experiencing. Read on to view the video. We should state that no other applications were running during this test and the HTC Touch Dual is on the right and the Asus P526 is on the left.

Update – We’ve just added this second video and thrown the HTC TyTN in the mix too.

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