HTC Pharos details come to light

HTC Pharos details come to light Say hello to the HTC Pharos. It looks a helluva lot like the o2 XDA Orbit 2 (aka the Touch Cruise), although HTC have put a slower 200Mhz TI OMAP 850 into the Pharos instead of the 400Mhz Qualcomm chip found in the Cruise.

Selling as the HTC P3470 it’s installed with Windows Mobile 6 Pro and has 128Mb RAM and 256Mb ROM. You also get a GPS receiver, Bluetooth 2.0 and a QVGA.

Every time a new HTC device pops up we cross everything we have and pray for a good camera, but alas it’s the standard 2 megapixel shooter once more. There’s no word as yet on what networks will pick this up, when it will appear or how much it will cost.

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