A lack of drivers for Qualcomm-powered HTC kit?

A lack of drivers for Qualcomm powered HTC kit? I’ve had a few emails about htcclassaction.org. The site is seeking drivers for HTC phones running Qualcomm MSM7200 and MSM7500 chipsets to address an apparent slowness in video performance.

The site links to YouTube videos like this, showing the difference in scrolling speed on the HTC TyTN II and the SPV E200 – a handset which is nearly 5 years old. The apparent issue results in slow gaming performance, bad battery performance, slow scrolling, touchscreen lag and slow camera responses. Htcclassaction.org states…

“The drivers in question are responsible for all drawing operations. This means absolutely everything having anything to do with putting something on your screen is affected. There is also a problem with the touchscreen driver, which predates the driver issues mentioned above. This issue comes down to your device slowing down to a crawl whenever you touch the screen. This is really apparent when you are playing a video and use an onscreen slider to adjust the volume”

We’ll be monitoring the situation. Let us know if you’ve heard or seen more.

Link – htcclassaction.org