Forum changes

Forum changes You may have noticed some porn popping up in our forum recently. We’ve been lucky enough to avoid large amounts of spam until now because the registration system checks to see if you’re “human” by asking questions such as “Is this beer?” etc. We’ve also got fantastic moderators who zap the offending messages.

However, people in Nigeria have been spending their time sitting in internet cafes’ answering these questions correctly and then posting X-rated pictures to publicise some porn site in our forum. This obviously isn’t very nice, so I’ve had to implement a few changes. From now on, new users to the forum will not be able to post links or pictures. This is to prevent the spammers from posting up their pictures and then vanishing. Sure, I can sit here banning IP’s all day, but I’m just chasing my tail.

After you’ve posted a few times and been with us for several days we will then allow you to post links in your message, however I’ll also be constantly monitoring the forum RSS feed for spammers of any kind. Apologies to everyone who saw these pictures earlier.

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