Windows Mobile 7 – The leaked details

Windows Mobile 7   The leaked details So what do you do if Windows Mobile 7 screenshots and plans pop into your inbox? Yup, you stick them on the web, that’s what! Following the earlier Vodafone leak this is another scoop which has appeared just as Bill Gates makes his last ever keynote speech. He didn’t mention WM7 in his keynote, or really give much detail on the future of Windows Mobile, however we can at least soak up these leaked documents,.

The details? Well, it’s certainly had a splash of paint but there’s a lot more in the mix – a new navigation control with touch scrolling / flicking and other gestures to achieve tasks quickly and easily. Imagine, if you will, a mobile phone combined with a Nintendo Wii controller and you’re pretty much there. Gyroscopes and accelerometers

The source also shows a newly designed Internet Explorer with tabbed browsing plus a newly designed email system and document browsing / editing through Word.

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(Thanks to everyone who tipped us on this)