HTC Touch Cruise – available next week

HTC Touch Cruise   available next week Shh.. now, don’t tell anyone, but we’ve heard that the HTC Cruise will be arriving next week to devicewire. In fact, they’ll be the first in the UK to get this device, so if you’ve been impressed by our review and you don’t want a lengthy contract for the o2 version, this is the puppy to get.

You know the deal by now, a 3 megapixel camera, GPS, TouchFLO user interface, WiFi, microSD slot with SDHC support and quad-band GSM / tri-band 3G + HSDPA. Windows Mobile 6 Pro powers the device, which has a 400Mhz Qualcomm CPU and 128Mb RAM / 256Mb ROM with a 240×320 QVGA screen.

Sign up and you’ll be informed when the HTC Cruise arrives. Oh, we should also mention that the HP iPAQ 614c is coming soon and you can get updated on the arrival here, whilst the HTC Shift we reviewed can be tracked here, as can the Eten Glofiish X600. Remember, these are all network-free handsets, so there’s no contract term and you can use your own SIM or pay-as-you-go if you wish.

Update – We’ve just heard that these will be arriving at the bottom-end of next week (18th January) but – good news – the HTC Touch Cruise is supplied with TomTom Taster (1 city).

Update – This should arrive either Thursday 17th or Friday 18th. Backorders are essential as there won’t be another batch of these arriving until February!

Links – HTC Touch Cruise – Coming next week