XDA Orbit 2 appears with correct pic

XDA Orbit 2 appears with correct pic OK, here’s the deal. o2 accidentally named their last handset the “Stella” on their site. We laughed and poked fun because we like the lager. They then corrected the error and called it the Stellar. o2 then announced the Orbit 2, but they used the wrong picture. We poked fun again. 🙂

Guess what. Yep, they’ve now fixed the error (again) and put the real picture of the upcoming Orbit 2 online. Heck, they’ve even fixed all the spelling errors and wonky specs too! Huzzar!

This is due to appear any day now, and if this image is anything to go by o2 have remodelled the HTC Touch Cruise too.

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Credit – Johnny De’Silva