PointUI is launched – stunning free Windows Mobile UI

PointUI is launched   stunning free Windows Mobile UI It’s the first day of 2008, and it’s the launch date for PointUI. This free user interface for touch-screen Windows Mobile handsets is staggeringly good. It’s not just smooth navigation, it’s the way everything fits together – preview windows, bookmarks, device management and day-to-day phone control is now such a pleasure.

I’m extremely impressed with this software. Microsoft should swoop down on the guys at PointUI and get them working on Windows Mobile 7.

Sure, it’s not for everyone and power users may want to hop back to the default Windows Mobile UI, but this is a fantastic free alternative to the existing interface. Install it, read the help-prompts and instantly give your touch-screen handset a glossy, eye-catching user interface that works beautifully.

This is the first full release, and I am finding the odd strange things happening. Minor bugs seem to be popping up depending on the phone model, for example my camera button on the HTC Touch Dual no longer runs the camera and I can’t just open the keypad and punch in a phone number, however there’s a built-in updater and forums to feed back and keep the software running smoothly.

Link – PointUI.comDirect download (Don’t forget, it’s FREE!)