iPhone-like user interface coming to Windows Mobile

iPhone like user interface coming to Windows Mobile 2007 brought us the iPhone and, like it or not, it’s raised the bar in terms of user interfaces. People want smooth, sexy, sliding interfaces that glide along without stumbling. 2008 should bring some pretty major changes, and it begins with Pointui Home Beta 0.92 System, which is all set for a New Years launch.

What is it? Well, I swore I wouldn’t use this phrase, but it’s an “iPhone-like” user interface for Windows Mobile. There’s pictures on the web, but the video really shows how good this is – click on !

Details are pretty scarce at the moment and we’re not sure if this will be a free application or not. Find out more on January 1st 2008!

Link – Pointui Home Beta 0.92 System @ there-is-no-place-like-home.com

Update – According to PointUI.com this app will be completely free! Wehay!!
Update 2 – Another video has appeared showing the sheer speed of this GUI. Check it out below and look out for that screen-switching speed! Download the software for free on January 1st 2008!