XDA Orbit II now listed as Coming Soon on o2 UK

XDA Orbit II now listed as Coming Soon on o2 UK Remember how o2 accidentally labelled their latest handset the “Stella“, instead of the “Stellar” ? Sure, the web designers probably love their lager, but it’s not like they’d make the same mistake again…. is it?


Yep, this – according to o2 – is the o2 XDA Orbit II… except it isn’t, this is actually the o2 XDA Stellar next to details of the upcoming o2 XDA Orbit II we told you about last month. The details on the o2 UK “Coming Soon” pages state…

“The upcoming O2 XDA, the Orbit 2, is the new PDA on the O2 block. Running on the Windows Mobile 6 Professional platform this mobile devise has allot going for it. This includes a 3 megapixel camera, built-in GPS, a MicroSD memory card slot that takes up to 2MB and mini-USB connectivity. The Orbit 2 also comes with TouchFLO technology, which allows complete touchscreen accessibility along with Bluetooth v2 and WLAN. All of this in a great looking piece of kit!”

We’ll not mention the errors about the MicroSD card (only 2Mb?) or the spelling of “a lot”, because that would just be childish. 😉

Link – Coming SoonHTC Touch Cruise Review (The actual XDA Orbit II!)
Credit – Johnny De’Silva