Take a gamble with Astraware Casino

Take a gamble with Astraware Casino I was lucky enough to visit Las Vegas last year as part of our honeymoon. I decided to try my hand at Roulette, but didn’t realise that I was sat at a $20 minimum table. The lady sat behind the table wasn’t pleased when I eagerly spread my $1 chips all over the board and then, after she’d shouted, “$20 miniumum, Sir” several times, I proceeded to knock everyone elses’ chips over whilst retrieving them. After balancing them all on “EVEN” the routlette wheel landed on a 3 and I walked back over to the slot-machines in a sulk. I put my last $1 note in and won $2… result!

If I’d have practiced it could’ve all been so different. Astraware Casino features a host of popular casino games all in one pack. You can use your $1000 on Poker, Roulette, Slots, and Blackjack. There’s full instructions for each game and there’s even an overdraft facility if your luck starts to run out. It’s perfect for gamblers who don’t want to lose their cash!

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