PocketCM Contacts – Brilliant free contacts manager

PocketCM Contacts   Brilliant free contacts manager I’ve just stumbled across PocketCM and I’m surprised we’ve not covered it before. It’s a finger-friendly contact app for touch-screen phones that’ll let you glide through your contacts, call, edit, sort, filter and then show all the text conversations you’ve had with them.

The software provides a smooth, slick interface with animated menus and full contact-photo integration. This is an excellent application which is way up there with the HTC TouchFLO system. In seconds you’ll be sliding your finger around the menu system and having text conversations with your friends.

We were already impressed with the excellent free PocketCM Keyboard and this just shows how talented Quentin Pouplard (the guy behind all this) actually is. Believe me, download this if you’ve got a Pocket PC – you won’t be disappointed. PocketCM is a program which is best shown, so have a look at this YouTube video for a quick look at how it works or download it yourself – it’s completely free (yes, free!)

Link – PocketCM