Windows Mobile 6.1 – Now in video too

Windows Mobile 6.1   Now in video too OK, so following the whole Cigular / Cingular business (when it should be AT&T), the Boy Genius has a video online showing Windows Mobile 6.1 in action. Sure, it still says “Cigular” towards the end of the video and there’s confusion about whether this ROM will actually power the up-coming device, but at least we get to see how it works.

Many questions have been raised since we saw the first screenshots, with the main concern being, “How fast is this new interface?” Well, it seems to be pretty nippy on the Motorola Q9h, although that web-page rendering and loading is still far too slow in my book (even over WiFi you end up feeding “normal websites” through Skweezer to view them quickly).

Head on over and check it out for yourself, and try to ignore that music in the background.

Link – Boy Genius Report