Server donation drive – and the winners are

Server donation drive   and the winners are It’s now been a few months since we started our donation drive to buy a server. We’ve been hosted in America on a rented server for many years and, even after slimming down code and optimizing the site further, we needed additional memory to keep all the MySQL queries working properly. This increase in memory and additional bandwidth increased our re-occurring monthly charges, so we had to look at buying a more powerful server out-right and hosting it somewhere closer, where we could tinker with it should things break.

The donation drive did fantastically well but, during the fundraising, my father sadly passed away. I decided to take a huge chunk of the proceeds and donate it to my dads’ favourite charities – the County Air Ambulance and Cancer Research UK. Donations increased as prizes stacked up and I can now reveal the winners.

If you didn’t win, please don’t be too disappointed. The recent server move was only possible thanks to your donations and I’ll be working tirelessly to find some great deals and reviews for you to enjoy (don’t forget the free money too). We’ve got three fantastic prizes to give away. The top prize, being given away to a lucky punter who donated more than £5, is a HTC S730. The second prize is my very own Samsung i320 Smartphone plus we’ve got 6 months of free webhosting to give away to the third winner. I’ve chosen all winners completely at random from my donations lists.

1 – HTC S730 – Mark Adamson

2 – Samsung i320 – Michael Cole

3 – 6 Months Free Hosting – Stephen Grove

I have to thank for suplying the HTC S730 (they currently have official UK stock of the HTC S730 and they’re great) and I must thank for supplying the 6 months free webhosting (they’re great also).

Update – Read the comments to see exactly how your money was spent and what the grand total was!