More info about Windows Mobile 6.1 …but…

More info about Windows Mobile 6.1 ...but... The Boy Genius has been fishing around Windows Mobile 6.1 even more since his exposé just the other day. He’s looking at the Windows Mobile Standard 6.1 version (i.e. no touch screen) and has now spotted some extra improvements.

Internet Explorer has been improved, with added copy / paste functionality and a new font. It also gets a zoom function giving 6 levels of detail on webpages. The Task Manager now shows CPU usage as a whole and there’s also an enhanced “Getting Started” wizard that will attempt to configure your Exchange server settings for you too. We’re still a little worried by all this though, especially when the screenshots show “Cigular Wireless” on the front.. umm.. shouldn’t it say “Cingular” ?

Link – BoyGeniusReport