Help me out Microsoft !

Help me out Microsoft ! The other day someone with a Windows Mobile Pro (Pocket PC) device asked me, “How do I get the text message sound to repeat?” I figured it was easy, you just go into Settings->Personal->Sounds and Notifications and then choose “Messaging – New Text Message” and just put the tick in “Repeat”. But alas, no. This box is greyed out and I’ve never been able to change it. Why is it there? It never seems to work.

I figured his device was out of date, so – like a fool – I went into the “Windows Update” option on his device. Guess what? No updates. To my surprise this “Sound Repeat” problem seems to be present in every device I’ve tried, and I can’t for the life of me get any “Windows Updates” on any device. I’ve just been having a read of this article over at SmartphoneThoughts and they’re having the same issue.

Does Windows Update actually do anything? I would’ve thought that updates such as the recent Office Mobile 6.1 or minor updates could’ve been delivered this way, but I’ve never seen anything. Is there an Microsoft Update server somewhere on the net with an empty hard drive?

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Update – Jason Langridge has posted a response to this in his blog. Head on over and have a read.