Google Mobile Maps finds your location without GPS

Google Mobile Maps finds your location without GPS Here’s a story I forgot to mention. Google Mobile Maps now includes a feature to locate your position – even without GPS. It works by using information from your local mobile tower to get your location within a 1000 metre radius. Whilst this isn’t perfect it’ll get you out of a tight spot if you’re in an unfamiliar area.

There’s a video showing – in great “Google Style” – how the system works. Just download the app (which is free) and run it, then just press “0” and look for the blue dot. It’ll show you roughly where you are, then it’s just a matter of looking at road names to work out your exact location to navigate the where you want to be. As you can see from my location, I’m living in a field. :)

Link – Google Mobile Maps

Thanks to everyone who sent this in

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