Windows Mobile 6.1 – EXPOSED!

Windows Mobile 6.1   EXPOSED! The Boy Genius Report has blown the lid on the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.1. They’ve just taken delivery of a Motorola Q9 with WiFi and Windows Mobile 6.1 powers it!

So what’s new? Well there’s a lot of gloss in the user interface with the ability to scroll left and right to access missed calls, emails, SMS etc. Some much-needed improvements have also been added, including (at last) the ability to set your own homepage in Internet Explorer, plus you can now zoom into pages and the interface has been cleaned up. You can also copy and paste (this is Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard by the way), plus there’s a threaded SMS system t’boot.

There’s hundreds of photos to drool over, so head on over and take a look.

Link – Boy Genius Report