USB Power Charger for your Windows Mobile

USB Power Charger for your Windows Mobile I love Maplin. They sell.. “stuff”. By “stuff” I actually mean gadgets, gizmos, electronics bits, bobs and boys toys. There’s a new store opening this weekend so I’ve had a butchers at their site and found this.

It’s a charger with two USB sockets at the other end. If you’ve lost your mobile charger or you’re looking for a second charger this could well be the answer. It’s ideal for taking around the world too, because it’ll run from a range of voltage inputs. There’s not one, but two USB outputs to plug your sync cable in – resulting in instant power for your phone and and other USB-powered device you may have. It’s only £4.99, so drop some hints to your family and get this in your Christmas stocking.

Link – Two USB Socket Power Supply