Never mind o2, you’ve still got the XDA Stellar

Never mind o2, youve still got the XDA Stellar Oh dear, it looks like the iPhone is having issues here in the UK. A survey conducted by gfk NOP shows that almost half of the 500 people questioned would never buy the iPhone at its’ current price. The iPhone currently costs £269 and you have to at least sign up to an 18-month £35 talk plan (£630 overall). Add that together and you’re looking at setting aside nearly £900 for that iPhone.

o2 have also been dealt a hammer-blow after “reliable channel sources” reported that just 26,500 iPhones have been activated here in the UK since the launch. o2 had hoped to sell over 100,000 in the first week. Still, o2 have at least added the XDA Stellar into the Personal Customer section today. It costs from free to £249.99 on their Pay Monthly tariffs.

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