o2 XDA Orbit II coming in the New Year

o2 XDA Orbit II coming in the New Year
Following our review of the HTC Touch Cruise Tristan Whittaker got on the phone to o2. If you cast your mind back we were first to sniff out the original o2 XDA Orbit, so Tristan wanted to know about the pricing and availability o2 XDA Orbit II – the branded version of the Cruise. o2 gave him this response…

“Thanks for emailing us to find out when the o2 XDA Orbit II will be available. The o2 Xda Orbit II is expected to be available on our Pay Monthly contract on 21 January 2008. To remain updated about the availability of the o2 Xda Orbit II, please keep visiting our website. Alternatively, you can also contact our sales team 08702 410 202 on or after 21 January 2008. I’m sorry I can’t tell you the cost of the O2 Xda Orbit II. Our sales team will be in a better position to answer this query.”

If you’re an o2 customer looking to upgrade or you’re interested in this sat-nav, TouchFLO, WiFi-enabled puppy then get saving.

Credit – Tristan Whittaker

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