Free Windows Mobile viewer – YouTube Pocket

Free Windows Mobile viewer   YouTube Pocket So, you’ve got a streaming media player on your handset and you’re ok looking the slim selection of mobile YouTube videos yes? No, let’s admit it, we want to browse all the YouTube videos available and watch them. then give YouTube Pocket. Simply put, it’s The Core Pocket Media Player and a TCPMP FLV Plugin, but once installed and setup you simply need to browse to and do a search for the video you’re after. It’ll instantly be converted to an FLV and shown in the TCPMP software. Job done.

Just browse to their site on your device, open the link that says, “Click Here to Install the YouTube Player!” and download the CAB files. It’s then just a matter of following the instructions and you’re away. The people behind this project also have other mobile services, including a Veoh player and Gmail viewer – there’s also a MySpace music player.

Link –
Credit – Giannis