ZoomBoard – Possibly the best on-screen keyboard ever?

ZoomBoard   Possibly the best on screen keyboard ever? Meet ZoomBoard. This has to be possibly the best on-screen keyboard I’ve ever seen. When typing you’ll get a quick preview bubble popping up which shows you a zoomed-up look at the key under your finger.

I decided that this picture didn’t really do the ZoomBoard justice, so have a look at this video to see it in action or read on.

You can try ZoomBoard free for 14 days, plus there’s a German version of it available too. It costs $9.95 to buy but, with exchange rates so good, you can grab it for £4.83 (€6.71). This is so simple and easy to use – just install, choose the ZoomBoard and start sliding across the keys to select the letter of your choice – brilliant stuff!

Link – ZoomBoard @ iwindowsmobile.comBuy or Try