Mobile phones for senior citizens

Mobile phones for senior citizens Most of you will be pretty clued up when it comes to mobile phones, however I’m sure you’ve all had the “trying to get my grandparents to work one” experience. Doromobile have decided that senior citizens deserve to have simple mobile phones that are easy to understand. They’re distributing this Doro HandleEasy 326gsm and the Doro HandlePlus 324gsm phone, both of which are SIM unlocked and designed to give independence to the older generation.

The Doro HandleEasy 326gsm features a full numeric keypad with big keys, soft touch coating, 4 number memories, speakerphone, 9 ringtones, vibrate, call timer and works with ear-hooks. It’s a dual-band headset with LCD screen. The Doro HandlePlus 324gsm comes without a numeric keypad and instead just has five large memory-buttons for calling family or essential numbers instantly. It comes with a neck-strap and is made from hard wearing material.

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