MyScript Stylus – enhanced handwriting recognition

MyScript Stylus   enhanced handwriting recognition Slide-out keyboards, numerous on-screen keyboards and T9 systemm, they all have one thing in common, they attempt to speed up your data entry. If you’re one of those people who likes writing on the screen (letter recognition or word recognition), then you will may have had problems with letters or words not being recognised correctly. Existing solutions like Calligrapher are already available and seek to enhance the inbuilt Microsoft recognition. MyScript Stylus, however, is now at version 3.3 and boasts the widest language support (with 83 Asian, Cyrillic and Latin-based languages), enhanced editing capabilities and a personal dictionary.

Available free for 30 days this should proved invaluable to Windows Mobile users who don’t have a keyboard. The software detects natural handwriting with characters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks. Your handwritten information will be converted instantly into digital text and integrated into the application you’re using.

Links – MyScript StylusTry or Buy €29.95 (Around $44 or £21)