A look at the competition – Android in video

A look at the competition   Android in video Like it or not, the mighty Google are stepping into the mobile phone world. It’s based on Linux with Android being the software stack on top. The “Open Handset Alliance” are a group of software companies, manufacturers and carriers who’ve signed up to work with Google.

First devices are expected to arrive in the bottom half of 2008 and HTC are on board to make sure that the devices are built. We’ve already seen how frustrated HTC have become about the Microsoft GUI, developing their own in order to sell more phones, so perhaps this new venture will push their sales even higher.

This video (click on to view here) gives a first look into the upcoming Android based phones and how they’ll work. People are already comparing it to the iPhone, and it’s yet another example of how strong the competition has become. Come on Microsoft, we need more than just an OS, we need that “wow” factor.

Link – YouTube Video

Credit – Morgan Butler