o2 XDA Stellar (or is it Stella?) Update

o2 XDA Stellar (or is it Stella?) Update A week back we told you of the upcoming o2 XDA Stellar, aka the HTC TyTN II. Forum member DJPriestley has spotted that the device has now landed on the o2 “Coming Soon” section of o2 UK, but it’s labelled as the “o2 Stella”. Hmm.. Perhaps the web people at o2 had their minds on other things? 😉

It looks like the release date has slipped a little too, with forum member “inthemicz” posting that December 2nd is now the revised launch date on o2.

If you don’t know about the power house that is the HTC TyTN II, soak up our review and get down to your local o2 store early next month.

Link – o2 XDA Stellar

Credits – DJPriestley, inthemicz, Johnny De’Silva and everyone else who mailed!