Christmas comes early – Get Snowed in 6 for free!

Christmas comes early   Get Snowed in 6 for free! So there you are, minding your own business when someone says, “It’s Christmas!” You’re instantly force-fed adverts featuring expensive toys, electrical items and gifts .. but it’s still November.

Bah! 🙂 Still, if you’re in a winter mood (and I was certainly in a mood de-icing the car at 7 AM), why not download Snowed in 6. It’s totally free until January 15th 2008. There’s no accounts, no strings, just download and grab the unlockcode from the product page – it don’t come much better than that. You must help Santa to assemble all his goodies and deep freeze the Grinch for good.

Snowed In 6 is free from Nov 15th 2007 to Jan 15th 2008. Get festive now, bump up the Christmas spirit and join the global high score board this Christmas

Oh, and if you want to see what it really looks like, take a look at the YouTube video below! Yo ho ho.

Link – Snowed in 6