Samsung SPH-M4650 prepped

Samsung SPH M4650 prepped Meet the Samsung SPH-M4650. It looks a little like the SGH-i718 but this time you’ll get Windows Mobile 6 and a faster CPU. The official name for this baby is the “SGH-M4650 Multi Touch… but.. errr.. there’s no real multi-touch support. There is instead a “tactile 2.8 inch QVGA screen”, which uses haptic technology to give feedback when dialing on the touch screen.

The M4650 is powered by a hugely quick Monahan CPU running at 624 Mhz and has a 2 megapixel cam, 256MB RAM, T-DMB and Bluetooth, but alas no WiFi. There’s also talk of a full-screen browser with zoom facility, so we’re assuming it’s not the usual Internet Explorer, and you’ll probably see a customised GUI too. Expect to see this one hitting the Asian markets through LG Telecom soon.

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