Turn your phone into a file and web server

Turn your phone into a file and web server When you want to connect to your Windows Mobile phone you’ve got a few options. You can either use ActiveSync via the supplied cable or you can remotely connect over the WiFi with applications like Pocket Controller. Now there’s another way – how about turning your phone into an FTP server? Mochasoft FTP Server is a free piece of software that’ll do just that. Whilst it may not work on your 3G / GPRS connection (because a lot of networks don’t use publicly available IP addresses), you can play around with it on your home WiFi. It offers authenticated logins and the ability to specify login folders too.

This free software obviously has the advantage of being able to connect more freely to your device when your on a seperate wireless connection, but you can also (should you wish) use this in conjunction with software like Compact Web Server from Chili Software to turn your phone into a full web server that you can upload to! 🙂

Watch this space, because this gives me a few ideas for a project! 😉

Links – Mochasoft FTP Server (Free)Compact Web Server ($19.99)