HTC S730 Reviewed

HTC S730 Reviewed It’s scary writing reviews at times. Every time I write one about a HTC device it seems that I only have to wait a few months before HTC come along with another device which is even better and addresses any issues I may have had. Take, for example, the HTC S710 review. I only had a few reservations, the lack of 3G and the 200Mhz CPU etc. Now we’re lucky enough to get one of the first HTC S730 handsets – it’s got more memory, better connectivity and a faster CPU. Honestly, at times we think there’s someone at HTC reading all this and then changing the next device to fix any issues we may have had.

There’s rumours about the GPS inside the HTC S730 and indeed we’ve seen several videos floating around the net showing inbuilt GPS being used, however the device we have here is using a test build of the operating system and, although it does get about 3 satellites, we weren’t able to get a fix with it. It seems that yes, there is something responding on COM4 but we’re still unsure – there’s also no mention of GPS on the official specs, so it’s a bit of a waiting game for the final build of the software.

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