HTC Polaris shows up in real photos

HTC Polaris shows up in real photos I reviewed the T-Mobile MDA Compact III (aka HTC Artemis) some time back now but it’s still sitting in my car daily helping me navigate around and keeping me up-to-date with appointments via the push-email system. The trackball / navigation wheel system at the front was something that hadn’t really been seen on a Windows Mobile device before and it worked extremely well. Time never stands still though, and it’s successor has now been photographed at SmartMobileGadgets.

The HTC Polaris sports that familiar navigation system, although they’ve removed the trackball on the new device. It also adds the wildly successful HTC TouchFLO GUI and it should be sold as the HTC P3650. Hardware-wise you’ll get a Qualcomm 400Mhz CPU with 128Mb RAM and 256Mb ROM – oh, and GPS of course.

There’s no definite release date as yet.

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