Orange HTC TyTN II hitting stores

Orange HTC TyTN II hitting stores Shh ! Keep this under your hats but we’ve heard on the grapevine that the HTC TyTN II has found it’s way into some larger Orange stores today. The Orange-badged HTC TyTN II may well be hidden away in the back of Orange shops, so you may have to ask the staff if you can’t see one on display.

If you manage to hunt one out let us know which store you found it through the comments section. We’re currently trying to find out whether Orange have bundled some sat-nav software onto the phone and we’re eager for pictures of the device too – email in if you have any.

Link – HTC TyTN II Review
Credit – Unnamed Tipster

Update – Ah! Looks like some of you already have one. There’s a great discussion here in our forum about it. SteveJ9 says, “No TomTom, No Instant Messenger, but it’s a great phone – The Traffic TV is the dogs”. We’re also hearing that the upgrades department has them available as of Thursday morning and there’s limited stocks, so get calling!