SanDisk 6Gb SDHC MicroSD – Reviewed

SanDisk 6Gb SDHC MicroSD   Reviewed I’ll admit – I haven’t yet had time to add to our HTC Touch Dual review. The reason? Well, yesterday our postman decided to stop his strike and deliver something – that something being this 6Gb SDHC MicroSD card. Yes, you heard that right – 6Gb of storage for your phone. They’re exclusive to MobyMemory and you also get an SD card reader and MicroSD to SD card converter included in the £36.49 price tag.

These cards aren’t like your “normal” cards though. To get the extra storage your phone will need to be compatible with the new SDHC technology. I tested it with the HTC Touch, HTC Touch Dual, HTC S710 (SPV E650) and the HTC TyTN II (Vario III) – it worked well and I couldn’t wait to start filling up the card with movies and MP3s. Sure, it’s not quite up to the 8Gb storage of the iPhone, but consider how much you’ll be saving!

Pop over and have a look at the review. We also managed to cram get some really tiny USB 2.0 MicroSD card into the review too.

Link – SanDisk 6Gb SDHC MicroSD card and mini USB readers – Reviewed!