iMate Ultimate 8150 on test – TV Output

iMate Ultimate 8150 on test   TV Output Last night I had a play with the iMate Ultimate 8150. Now, although the design and build of this handset aren’t totally to my taste (more in the upcoming review), you can’t argue with the specs. A 520Mhz CPU, WiFi, loads of memory and storage space, FM radio, 3G + HSPDA, dual cameras and a huge 640×480 pixel resolution on the screen.

There was something I wanted to test though, and that was the VGA out. This handset (and the iMate 6150) offer VGA / TV Out capabilities so I grabbed the phone and plugged it into our TV at home. The result is below. Apologies in advance for the darkness, but you should be able to see how the screen of the iMate 8150 suddenly feels like a tablet interface when you switch across to TV output.

Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that the video was recorded on the iMate Ultimate 6150. Read on for the YouTube video or click this link.