Track your mobile with WIMP

Track your mobile with WIMP Where Is My Phone is an application to find your mobile in the event of a theft or if you’ve simply lost it. By sending a specially formatted message to your handset it’ll return the GPS location of your handset. Of course, you’ll need a handset with GPS for this to work but the software does have some cool features like detecting a change of SIM – if the thief changes your SIM card it’ll send a text to you with the new number. You can then track it again, or just call the thief and tell him you’re coming to his house to ….err…. sort him out 🙂

The software is £9.99 and it reminds me of the free VITO FindMe software which, although designed to work as a “friend tracker”, would also work as a phone location tool also.

Link – Where Is My Phone