Palm Treo 500v to hit Vodafone this Friday

Palm Treo 500v to hit Vodafone this Friday Our man Johnny De’Silva has spotted the Palm Treo 500v sitting proudly on the Vodafone Business site in a rather dashing charcoal colour.

Launching on Friday (yes, this Friday), the Palm Treo 500v will cost between asbolutely nothing and £85.11, depending on your contract etc. This is a triband handset with 3G capabilities, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, 320×240 pixel screen and a microSD card slot. The QWERTY keyboard up front will let you bash out messages quickly and it’s powered by Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard, meaning no stylus-poking.

If you go out and grab one you’ll also get this new Vodafone interface and £50 worth of Bluetooth gear.

Link – Palm Treo 500v @ Vodafone Business (UK)

Credit – Johnny De’Silva