HTC S730 Officially launched

HTC S730 Officially launched Meet the S730, coming this month from HTC. Running Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard (Smartphone), this is a 3.5G (3G + HSPDA) handset with quad-band capability and WiFi. This will be the successor to the already popular HTC S710 which unfortunately lacked 3G connectivity. The addition of 3G in the S730 means you also get an additional camera for video calling, plus there’s a faster 400Mhz CPU for a rapid phone experience and they’ve aligned the QWERTY keyboard better (read on to see).

Available this month the S730 also has stereo Bluetooth 2.0, an auto-sliding QWERTY, Live HTC Home screen and that classic candybar styling.

Click on to get more pictures of this device.

Links – HTC Press ReleaseS730 Product Page

Check out the new alignment of the QWERTY keyboard on the HTC S730 (above). Notice where the letter “Q” is now. The shot below is of the existing HTC S710.

HTC S730 Officially launched