Windows Mobile – The celebrity view

Windows Mobile   The celebrity view Stephen Fry. You know him. He was in BlackAdder, Jeeves and Wooster, Fry and Laurie, Harry Potter and even that Twinings TV advert. Here’s something I bet you didn’t know though, because Stephen is a bit of a Smartphone geek. His official website has now added this blog section where he’s written a rather huge post about Smartphones. It covers his favourite, the iPhone (grumble), plus the HTC Touch and I’ll confess he’s pretty clued up on everything too. His comments are interesting and critical in parts…

“Windows for Mobiles is certainly better than Windows for PCs or, God help us all, Vista, but it is still an insulting offering. The feeling, as with all things Microsoft, is that all design features and functions are there to suit MS rather than to delight, enthuse and compel the user.”

Want more? Check out this blog post.

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