Want a classy Windows Mobile? Get this!

Want a classy Windows Mobile? Get this! Right. A question for you. Do you have some money stashed away somewhere ? You do? Good. Meet the Gresso Avantgarde collection. It runs Windows Mobile Standard and, for a mere £4899, you can own one of these ultra-posh phones.

Made from African Blackwood (yes, wood), it’s made aged 200 years and fastened together with gold screws, this is the ultimate in class. The battery cover and keyboard has a special scratch-resistant hand polished titanic finish whilst the screen is made from sapphire crystal. The tri-band handset has special Roman numerals on the keys and comes with a 2 megapixel camera.

There’ll be two models in the Avantgarde range – the Luna and Sol. The Luna comes with a Gold navigation key with a triangle inset made of Gold, whilst the Sol has every single key made from Gold! Blimey, can we review one please? Wait, no.. on second thoughts I doubt I’d ever get it out of the box – this isn’t a phone you want to drop!

Link – Gresso.com
Credit – Jason Taylor