Standby UK Windows Mobile fans – the iPhone cometh

Standby UK Windows Mobile fans   the iPhone cometh Our earlier iPhone story caused quite a stir with you lot, but there’s at least some good news. The UK-bound iPhone will not have 3G. Indeed, it’s exactly the same 8Gb handset that our US-cousins now have, except we’ll be getting it for just £269 – about £69 more expensive than the current $399 (£200) price-tag in the USA.

We’ve already mentioned that o2 clinched the deal and they’re now celebrating the fact with a huge front-page banner, with Apple posting similar details on their UK site. Sure, it’s not the 3G “enhanced” version that had been rumoured, instead users will be using the o2 EDGE network that’s .. err.. rapidly being rolled out. Oh yeah, and despite the £269 price-tag you’ll still need to enter into an 18 month contract! Still, jokes aside, November 9th could prove to be a very tough time for Windows Mobile handsets here in Europe.

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Credit – Ryan Niblett