vTap – Online video and wikipedia search

vTap   Online video and wikipedia search So after yet another bizarre week (I’ll tell you more in time) in my life, I was sat down this morning going through the various Windows Mobile websites. MoDaCo have a feature on vTap which, I have to say, is an absolutely excellent application.

Why excellent? Well, it ticks all our boxes. For a start it’s free, which is always good, secondly it works perfectly and does exactly what it says on the tin. I’m not kidding, this one definitely goes onto our “must download” list. Basically put it’s a great interface into Wikipedia and a brilliant way to search through online video sites and watch the vids too. Yes, you heard right – this software will let you search and then view YouTube videos, Google videos, MSN videos, MySpace videos and much much more. The quality of the video can be adjusted and it’ll even give you a preview shot and description of the video before you download it!

To grab it, just pick up your phone right now and type vtap.com into your Internet Explorer. Sure, you’ll need a WiFi or well-stacked 3G connection, but this really will make your Windows Mobile compete with the in-built YouTube app on the iPhone. Top stuff.

Link – vTap