MDA Vario III appears on T-Mobile UK

MDA Vario III appears on T Mobile UK Here it is, the T-Mobile branded version of the HTC HyTN II listed as “Coming Soon” on their website. Wait… hang on a minute. That’s not the HTC Kaiser / HTC TyTN II we all know and love .. it’s the MDA Compact III! Oh dear, it looks like some poor web designer had a few too many beers at lunch time and used the MDA Compact III image instead of the T-Mobile Vario III image.

Even though they’ve got the wrong picture, it’s good news for prospective or existing customers of T-Mobile and their fantastic data plans. Expected to arrive sometime this month, the excellent connectivity of the T-Mobile MDA Vario III and the generous data plans go together like peas in a pod. Lee Hiscox told us, “The phone is due for release this month, however, speaking to the upgrade department this morning they were unable to confirm a launch date.”

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Credit – Lee Hiscox