Vodafone 920 – More details and specs

Vodafone 920   More details and specs OK, so we heard earlier that Vodafone sneaked in a rather fine looking Windows Mobile Smartphone into their Christmas line-up called the Vodafone 920. It didn’t get mentioned much, so we simply had to contact Vodafone and get some more information.

Well, we have a bit more information for you, so here goes. First up, it’s built by HTC and it’ll be exclusive to Vodafone… blimey, HTC kept that quiet didn’t they? The device is a 3G capable sliding phone with a 2.4 inch screen and is powered by Windows Mobile with a 2 megapixel camera. You also get all the Windows Live services too. Yes, you heard right, Vodafone are actually promoting Windows Live and not removing it from the OS. Nice.

That’s pretty much all the info we’ve got so far on the phone, aside from th fact that we’re fairly certain it’ll be Windows Mobile Standard (non touch-screen). However, we’ve also found that this is the second Windows Mobile device in the Voda line-up after the Samsung SGH-i640V, which also has a 2 megapixel cam and 3G. The third handset is.. to be announced soon, and even we don’t know for definite what it’ll be (but we’re guessing either Palm or LG are in the running) 😉

Link – Vodafone 920