HP iPAQ 100 Classic Series details

HP iPAQ 100 Classic Series details HP did a huge push with several new devices just the other day, so we figured each one deserved a seperate news story. First up is the HP iPAQ 100 Series device. This is marketed as a Classic Handheld, and indeed comes with Windows Mobile 6 Classic onboard. What’s that I hear you cry? Well, it’s Windows Mobile minus the phone features – just like those old PDA’s from years back but with more “whoomph”.

This thin device is powered by a Marvel PXA310 CPU running at a blistering 624Mhz and gets integrated WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth v2.0, SDIO, 256Mb ROM / 64Mb RAM plus loads of HP software including iPaq Wireless Manager, Photosmart Mobile, QuickStart Tour, Bluetooth Manager, Asset Viewer and more.

The whole phone functionality isn’t totally lost though, because you still get an earpiece, microphone and VoIP capabilites for making calls through your SIP provider over the WiFi (or Skype if you fancy). It should be available this month according to HP, beginning in the USA.

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