BenQ T80 – Come on BenQ, gimme!

BenQ T80   Come on BenQ, gimme! OK, let’s see here. Sexy, stylish design? Check. Sliding numeric keypad ? Check. Windows Mobile Standard? Check. Yes, this is what we want. More Windows powered Smartphones! There’s just not enough around in our humble opinion, so the BenQ T80 looks like a winner to us.

It’s got NFC too, which is probably something no-one has heard of. Put simply it’s a short-range wireless solution a bit like Bluetooth but is designed to be used with public transport systems and other payment solutions. Imagine waving your phone at the train ticket machine in the morning and you’re pretty much on the money. The BenQ T80 phone will be the first phone to hold NFC applications on a secure digital memory card – in this case the microSD card inside the phone.

Set for release before the end of this year (although we don’t quite know where yet) the BenQ T80 runs Windows Mobile 6 Standard and has GSM Quadband network with integrated WiFi. The phone itself is a slider design and has a thin top / screen section with LG Chocolate-style buttons. Have a look at slashphone for more pictures (hit the tabs for up-close shots). Following the spin-off of BenQ we’ve got everything crossed that this will appear in Europe sometime.

The handset appeared previously at Computex in June and it’s promising to see it getting a full press release now. There’s still not much else known about specs, however we’ll give you more as we get it.

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Update – More pictures of this handset can be found below (Thanks NXP!)

BenQ T80   Come on BenQ, gimme!

BenQ T80   Come on BenQ, gimme!

BenQ T80   Come on BenQ, gimme!